Hello All,

I have a top of the line Steamer, its on wheels, and is for heavy duty use. It doesnt run out of steam fast. It was a couple hundered bucks, its a Euro-Pro. Can this be used to clean LP's? I also have a VPI HW-16.5 Machine. Which way works better, and is steam cleaning LP's difficult? Thanks, Ray
Here is a video from a member on this site and it shows the steam cleaner that most members use to clean their vinyl.
Be careful about applying too much steam too long if it is for heavy duty use. It may cook the LP. I ruined about 5 of my LPs with my garment steamer. 4 of them old/junky but 1 in close to new condition. Ouch!
Try first with a junk LP.
Does anyone have a good method to protect the label from mist or splatter?
mist or splatter protection is best solved by using a shield that was available on line for that exact purpose. I have one, don't remember its name. It is two shields that screw on to the record, covering both sides with a tight seal. It is acrylic with two o rings. Others must have one and they might remember its name. I recall it being about $30. I really does the job, especially if you using steam.
Hopefully someone knows the source.
You can get that shield on ebay, but I forget the name.
it's called the SHIELD and its adverstized by Bill May for Runco on TV...? And if you act now, you can get two SHIELDS for the price of one and also a panel truck will pull up to your house with a complete collection of over two thousand of the most desirable LPs....
any tumbler placed over the label or a steady hand and you wont even come close to harming your labels by steaming your lps. When the spray gets in the dead wax thats the time to stop steaming.