stealth v12 powercord

Can I ask your opinion on this PC,thank you.
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Great cord wonderful detail great bass even better than V10.Good if you can get a deal!!
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Yes,i wouldn't mind.$1800 is a lot of money for a pc.As ive never herd it.Then I mite have to move it ,if it doesn't go with what ive got.
Hi there Ebm.I pushed the button on the v12.Ill give my opinion on here when it arrives.They dont come up forsale very often so I ran with my instincts.
Im a few years late,but i have my reference system together.With 2 of these together.Im in awe on how good the v12 is,a component in themselves.I removed one from the amp and tried another resonable powercord,(revelation audio labs precept,cryo silver reference)just to see.The sound basically collapsed,in all areas.I put the v12 back on and it sounds like a system of the highest order again.Im not knocking the precept,alot of people are happy with it,stealth is something else.