Stealth v.s. MIT v.s. Virtual Dynamics

I'm curious to read opinions or experiences anyone may have had with Stealth Indra, MIT Oracle or Virtual Dynamic IC's and power cords. I have been introduced to each of these models, have tried a few, however I would like to get feedback (pros and cons) from some of you audiophiles with extensive knowledge concerning these models. Thanks
Mr.Mitch7711,it would be nice to know which cables you are referring to?If you are referring to the VD Genesis,then the contest is over before the party even started!Please remember that it isn't polite to compare a solid core conductor cable to a multi strand design,since,the solid core doesn't induce distortions that multi-stranded designs do.If you were an electron and wanted to get there in the fastes way possible:would you take the path that crossed itself hundreds of times?The logical way would be the path that made the shortest route with the least amount of pathways possible.This insures that the signal is the same as the original from it's inception point.This is a starting point in the technology offered by VD cables.If you can read about the Genesis cable ,then you know what levels are possible in a no holds barred design.Please let us know which VD cable you are comparing-Cheers Dennis
I've since purchase an entire line of VD Master 3.0 I plan to eventually move up to the Genesis, however as of now I cannot spend that type of money without knowing how the VD line sounds in my present system. I've owned a few cables and speaker wires over the years, such as MIT Oracles and M.A., Stealth Indra (which I like a lot) Nordost Valhalla's, Acoustic Zen power cords. This will be my first experience with the VD line. So I guess to answer your question I will be trying out the VD Master 3.0 power cords, interconnects, digital interconnects and speaker cables. Once broken in, if I like, then I plan to move up to either Revelation or Genesis, depending on how much money I can mortgage my house for (just kidding)
Mr Mmitch7711
you set us up!I know you will love the new Master 3.0 and will be in for a major improvement across the board.I would not even worry about the updating for at least 10000hrs.If you want a secret then go with the Master LE,it is better than the REV and falls in just behind the Genesis.This product is little known but a real giant killer even in the VD line-up.Hope this helps Dennis
hi Dennis
in your opinion what gives you more punch for the dollar in the Genesis line ic`s or speaker cables

Hi Cenline, you referred to the Master LE being better than Rev, which Rev series are you referring to?

What is the difference?
Hi Dev
the difference is the Master LE uses all the technology found in the Genesis except for the Brass clutches and a lower level of speed of light.The Rev 2.0 is also a cheaper cable ( I may be wrong?)than the Maste LE.If you want a more defined description then talk to Clivet who has a complete set of Master LE cables.Hope this helps Dennis
I think that you should go with the I/C's because affecting one's source signal is far more important since your speakers will reflect the changes anyway.i am going to the Genesis but only after getting my p/c and i/c out of the way.
Hi Dev
I stand corrected in that the Master LE was better than the old REV 1.0 but not better than the new ReV 2.0.Please excuse my error and I wasn't thinking straight and got confused and dazed and (this is my third cup of organic dark coffee).Always remember advice is free-Cheers Dennis
Well all this conversation sure lets me know how much I don't know. I thought the Master 3.0 was a step up from the Master LE. I was first introduced to the VD line one month ago. Before that I thought MIT and Stealth were top of the line. After reading all these forums, you pick up alot, however it gets a bit confusing at times, especially all the different opininos that are floating out there.
The "top of the line" cable is what works best in your system. Your "TOTL" is not the same as it might be for Dennis, Al, or me. Our systems are all different.

All of the manufacturers you mentioned make superb products. Anyone claiming that a single manufacturer makes the best products for all applications simply doesn't know much about high end audio.

Good luck.
What I meant by "top of the line" is not to refer that MIT and Stealth are not top of the line, I only knew these manufactures and placed above the others, I love the stealth as a matter of fact I place them above MIT, and Nordost both of which I've had in my system. I have decided to try VD due to the fantastic offer I received from them and my personal conversations with Rick made a lot of sense to me. I will never intentionally bash another brand, however I am entitled to my opinion, as a matter of fact if at the time I could afford the Stealth entire line, I would have purchased an probably not looked back, due to the Indra I.C. I purchased and how much of an improvement I heard over the Nordost and MIT M.A. You are absolutely correct when you stated "what works best for me", that is where I'm trying to get to.
Mmitch, I gather you have a Stealth Indra I.C. in your system. Is it xlr or rca connection and where is it placed within your gear? Did you actual get the VD Master 3.0 and replace the Indra? if so what were your thoughts.
What does your system consist of.

I have sent you a private e-mail regarding your question. Will be more than happy to get a reply. Thanks