Stealth Premier Copper vs Analysis Plus Oval 9

Stealth Premier Copper vs Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cables. What are the characteristics of each and the differences between them. Connecting them between a Bryston 4B-ST power amp and Chapman T-7 full range speakers. Which has deeper and tighter bass. How about midrange and high frequencies. Prefer more detail and full sounstage.
Also consider the Blue Circle BC92.
I have stealth premier copper over a year and may say-amasing speaker cable ;before I had analysis plus oval 12,then oval 9-completely garbage,especialy for this money. I wait over 100 hours to burn in for oval,It start sound o'kay, but when I recieve Stealth{you have 30 days money back minus shipping from company},it no compare against any oval at first hour-extremely detailed,not bright,very good low end.My speakers-legacy sig III,MAc mc-352 amp.Actually,I have all cables and interconnects and receptacles from STEALTH.Exellent stuff for very reasonable price.Mark.