Stealth power cables with 20amp IEC

Does anyone use a Dream or Cloude with a 20amp IEC?
The Cable Co does not give the option for a 20amp IEC connector in the drop down box and Stealh website does not mention that 20amp is available.
I have an amp that takes a 20amp plug but most of my cables are 15amp so I bought an adapter from Voodoo, works fine.
I use an Stealth M5000 with a 20A IEC so I know that one is available.
I use a Dream with a 20A IEC with my ARC Ref3 pre
I used to own (2) Dreams with 20A IEC's, one Preamp version for my ARC Ref 3, and one Power version for my power conditioner. So Stealth does make them.
Thanks Guys. I will call Serguei at Stealth.