Stealth PGS Interconnect. Any opinions?

Anyone out there using Stealth cables/interconnects, particularly the PGS(pure gold signal)interconnects? Any honest feedback appreciated. Thanks
I've used, and seriously compared, Stealth CWC (a copper litz wire design), Stealth silver ribbon, and Stealth PGS.
(Disclaimer: I know the designer personally, though through a wire purchase originally, and wish his company success, so discount my opinions if you like.) In my system, DIY passive preamp, Atma-Sphere M60 II power amps, Quad ESL 63 speakers, the PGS is the most natural-sounding IC I've ever heard, by a wide margin. At first I thought there was less detail than with Stealth silver ribbon, then I realized it was there but just not as highlighted. Since you can try these cables with a 30-day money-back guarantee, I'd give PGS a try.
I tried the Stealth PGS from dac to pre and it did play well! It does not over emphazise any frequency and is very accurate & precise! I find it does a good job on digital sources as it has this sweet, soft and warm sound but at the same time it gives all the dynamics, attack and punch but with this sense of naturalness! It makes cd's sound like analog, vinyl! I also noticed that it has very good recovery capabilities meaning when the music starts to become loud, very loud and then quite all of a sudden, the PGS keeps up with the pace, speed and ryhtm very well. It is so accurate that you will re-live you cd's again being surprised at what it does! At least, that's what it does for me!
For the price during the auctions, it's a very good buy and since there is the 30 day money back policy, it is worth giving it a try!
Should you need to know more of my experience, please feel free to email me anytime at:
Enjoy & let us know how it works out for you!
I agree with the above two posts. The PGS is my favorite so far. A friend who recommended them to me described their sound as "organic," and I think that is quite accurate. Not to be over-dramatic, but I wouldn't have thought cable could make this much improvement. My system: Wadia 830, ARC tube amp, LS3/5a.

I tried a single length of PGS in my system. Amazing presentation of midrange harmonic nuances; emotional subtext of the music comes through. Absolutely stunning on well recirded vocals. Better than just about anything else I had tried. Highs also extended and natural, not at all harsh. My quibble is the bass, which I found underdeveloped and less dynamic thanI think it ought to be for a cable in this range.... Still DEFINTITELY worth an audition, since every system and every ear is different!