Stealth M5000

Anyone used one of these on a amp. I am thinking about buying one due to hearing some very good things about it. I am currently using MIT Oracle Z111 on my McIntosh MC402 and C200 preamp and the Shunyata Taipan on my Marantz SA-7S1 SACD/CD player.

Looking for feedback on the performance of this powercord based on actual use.

Thanks to all!
Never heard the M5000 but the Dreams are great, especially if used throughout the system.

Agree with Tbg.

Best I've ever heard in power cables, and not by a small margin.

In fact, I had a pair of large SET amps here, which sounded slightly thick - even a tad muddy, especially in the bass.

Utterly transfomed the amp's "thickness", and it's overall dynamics, immediacy and liveliness.

The Dream is the only power cord that has managed to do that.

To be honest, though, that was with Dreams everywhere else in the system.
Everywhere else in the system is indeed the key, IME.
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