Stealth Interconnects users

Too bad there isnt a search engine because Im sure it has been discussed before. Stealth is having a promotional sale on their ICs and was curious about what you think of them. Do you find them a good value for the money or competitive with ICs costing much more. Thanks, Emil
I'm trying their SCR interconnects now, haven't listened yet, wanted to burn them in a while first. A sale, huh? They actually charged $20 MORE for mine, says on the invoice it was for "shielding". At any rate, if I decide to buy these, I'll inquire about the discount...........About burning in cables, I think I agree with many others who have had similar complaints to the following:........If you get a 30 day trial period, but must first burn the cables in for 21 of those 30 days, then you really only have a 9 DAY trial period. I mean, I realize that speaker cables are a real pain to burn in, but you would think that ALL cable manufacturers should burn in their interconnects before delivery to either the consumer, or the dealer. It does indeed seem like a gimmick to keep you from having enough time to make adequate comparisons in the 30 days.......I'll post my thoughts on how these Stealth cables compare to others here, in the next few weeks.................One thing I'm absolutely unwilling to do, is to buy cables new, keep them beyond the trial period, and then sell the losers of the "shootout" at a huge loss later on. That's just not reasonable.
C Carl, IC's are available either shielded or unshielded. Emil, That "sale" has been going on at least 6 months unchanged, as I have been checking his website frequently. He is also constantly auctioning his entry level IC's on Ebay, as well as his power cords. I could find nothing on on his stuff. I almost purchased his silver speaker cables but decided on Goertz instead because I found a very good deal. I am still interested in his IC's so I am ready to hear What Carl has to say, since if half his hype is true they should be great. Also that gold and silver powercord looks good. Also check out, he makes some references to Stealth if you can pick it up, but this guy has some great reviews on and his IC's are pretty darn cheap.
Thanks guys. I also came across a company called Pure Note as well as a NY company call Stage 3 Concepts. Every hear of them?
I got Stage 3's literature about a year and a half ago. They still don't have a website, and don't return phone calls. I'm not encouraged to try anything they've got, for some reason.
The Stealth SCR's after 20 hours burn in: Extremely transparent (unbelievably so, especially of "micro dynamics", and of ambient detail....I'll compare them with HD 600 phones later on, to my AudioTruth Diamond's too short to try in this set up...I'll try to compare ALL of these ic's with my Sennheisers)...........The Stealth SCR is quite smooth, has decent overall dynamic contrasts, very "fast" sounding (attack transients just shy of "over-hyped", so they are still nice). But, the ALL IMPORTANT MIDRANGE is sorely lacking in "juiciness" (I can't do without that with this tube does sound solid state with this SCR ic, laugh at that if you must).................My system: RA CD50, Rogue 88, Magneplanar MMG, ASC traps, 12x15x8 converted spare bedroom right now............Cables (several are rented): speaker, Wireworld Atlantis 2 (others just haven't worked as well with the Rogue. The Atlantis is even preferable to Equinox 3, and Cardas Neutral Reference); power cords, SR Reference MC on amp, and MIT Z-Cord 2 on CD player; filter, Chang Lightspeed 6400 CLZ (for line level only).....................Other RCA interconnects I'm comparing the Stealth to: WW Atlantis 2, WW Gold Eclipse 3, Sonic Horizon Silver Moon, MIT 350 Shotgun EVO. So far, I like the Gold Eclipse 3 overall with the Rogue, but haven't tried the MIT yet. However, the Gold Eclipse 3 is also lacking midrange "juiciness", and the upper treble is slightly forward, and SO smooth that many recordings have taken on an over-sweet "homogeny" in the treble, that I know to not actually be there.