Stealth Indra vs Virtual Dynamics Master LE

Has anyone made an AB comparison and/or experience the sonic virtues of both IC in your system?
Any comments welcomed.
i've had the Stealth Indra. this cable works best on source components.

Smoffatt I believe your comparison should be VD Genesis vs Stealth Indra and not VD Master LE.

I had Genesis product through out and replaced them with Stealth product. You can look at reviews along with other threads to gather info. about Stealth product. I find that Stealth just gets out of the way and lets you hear your actual components not adding anything but hey each to their own as yours or others experience might differ have fun exsperimenting.

Watch out about the connectors of VD product (sounds like a disease "VD") as they are sloppy and can cause possible damage also good luck in installing them lots of fun. They are so ridget and can pull your gear right off your rack so be carefull, take your time and pre-bend them and then secure them to your rack.

I personally would never own VD again and the resale value is terrible. Want to some Genesis speakers cables? let me know.
Bonjour Sylvain.

FWIW. I had VD Master LE speakerwire and replaced it with Stealth Dream Petite. VD was natural, detailed but rather harsh and 'pumped up'. The Stealth DP is more liquid without loosing detail. I preferred the Stealth and hope to upgrade to the real Dream one day.

Don't know if this comparison applies to the interconnects.