Stealth Indra Vs Purist Audio 20th Anniversary i/c

Hi Guys!

Yesterday I compared the Stealth Indra with the Purist Audio 20th Anniversary in my system. Because I haven't concluded on whcih one is better and I dont have enough time to compare them more can you please share your opinions on this comparison.

I'm interested only in opinions from people that have heard them side by side.


I would like to add that the major difference I noticed was a more open sound and soundstage and more real and clean middle frequencies.
With cables as expensive as Indra and 20th Anniversary, you should MAKE time for your own evaluation. Would you buy a new luxury car without driving it?

I certainly wouldn't rely on other opinions given the cost of these products.

Anyway, the bottom line is your personal preference not what you read here.
Audiofeil thanks for your answer.

I made a short comparison yesterday but it was only for a few hours. Unfortunately I cant keep the Indra for a justified period in my system in order to make a good evalutation.
Thats why Im asking other peoples opinions.

Which cable had the more open soundstage, w/ more real, cleaner sounding frequencies.
Sorry about that. The Indra.

What I'm looking here, is the one which is more neutral.
Both are excellent cables that will shine with the appropriate gear. The 20th Anniversary will tend to favor systems that require a bit more musical weight and liquidity. The Indra will favor systems that require a bit more speed and resolution. Which direction you want to take your system in is totally up to you.

Jmcgrogan2 what you are saying is very true.
A quick guide would be valves with Indra, and tranzistor with Purist audio.
But my system is already very musical and maybe the Purist Im using right now is a bit too much. Thats why Im considering the Indra.
Argyro, I always remember the encompassing soundstage with the Indra. Nothing else has ever struck me to do this. Ultimately, I think amorphous wire has a sound and I prefer that of silver. My concern now is between the Jade Hybrid (silver and gold) and the Townshend (copper).
I want to make clear that I already have the Purist Audio Purist 20th Anniversary in my system and Im just contemplating where I should switch to the Stealth Indra.
Argyro, I understood that. I have not listened to Purist cables in ten years and no longer use Indra, but I thought I could help. Ultimately, as the first response poster said is right, namely if you heard the two side by side, only you can choose.
Tbg what didnt you like about the indra?
Argyro, ultimately I heard its sound character. I never really liked it top end. It was the non-metal Cerious Technologies that displaced it. It exposed the amorphous metal sound of Indra as it lacked the splash of at least most metal interconnects. Ultimately that too was displaced.

I must say that I have had a large number of interconnect, speaker wires, and power cords and have not really found nirvana yet. I will always remember the thrill of being engulfed in the sound stage with Indra. Indra does seem to hold its value.