Stealth Indra on Mcintosh

Anyone have any personal experience with this combo?
I do not have experience with this combo, however a very extended one with the Indras. They are very neutral, so you will probably get what they are being fed.
An afterthought:
Why not get in touch with the Cable Company.
They will be able to advise you.
What would you like to know? I have Stealth Indra IC's, PC's, SC's and DC's and my cable search has ended. Detlof hit the nail right on the head when he said " they are very neutral, so you will probably get what they are being fed"

There are are different connectors, I recommend you get the Stealth Titanium ones and balanced with your Mc gear.
I use them with my Mac C46 preamp. Works like a charm.
>>I have Stealth Indra IC's, PC's, SC's and DC's<<

Stealth does not make an Indra PC, SC, or DC.


Back to Indra interconnects, the latest connector shells are titanium/carbon fiber.

Dealer disclaimer.
Oops, yes my error got a little carried away, should have clarified a little better. I own Indra IC's both in XLR and RCA configuration, 5-Dream PC's through out specifically specified for each piece and 2 pairs of SC's so my speakers are true bi-wired and lastly 2-Sextet DC cables, one in AES and the other in RCA so I can do comparisions.

All cables are the latest with titanium/carbon fiber shells.
True, just ICs.
In careful A/B comparison of the Indras with other good ICs,
the upper highs are more liquid and pure and the bass
is more definitive and clear. No weirdness in at any
frequency. It's like a layer of distortion has lifted.
No coloration that I can specify.
I have McIntosh c1000 with MC2102. Stealth Indra between Bel Canto PL1 and Mac. Results are extraordinary. Excels at clean highs, deep and defined low end and liquid midrange. Extends soundstage immeasurably. I have found that the most important IC is between the source and pre. Additional Indra IC between amp and pre provides v good results, but nothing like the initial run between cd and pre. Can get away with Indra at source and, say GS 50-50, between pre and amp. Indra is comparable to Nordost Valhalla in its speed and microdynamics, but much better texture, color and bloom. Only caution----if system is bright (which Mac equipment is not) the Indra will be relentless.
In short,Indra's impact in a Mac system will be immediate and completely salutary. Mac staff will tell you cables don't matter that much. They would not say that if they heard their equipment with the Indra