Stealth Hyperphono vs. Silver Audio Silver Breeze?

Has anyone ever done a side by side shootout of these two?
I use the Silver Breeze and also want to learn this comparison.
I've used the Silver Breeze for 6 or 7 years - great cable.
The Hyperphono would have to be extraordinary to justify its $3800 price tag (vs ~$650 for the Silver Audio).

IMO you'd have to have completely exhausted all other phono upgrade options to justify such an expenditure. YMMV.
Tobes; I agree with you about the extraordinary Price of the hyperphono, but, The Stealth cables from my personal experience, do seem extraordinary in performance as well. Im a sucker for this stuff, and I seem to not care about price, if over the course of time, I keep getting blown away by the end product. So, I just got a Silver breeze. I couldn't justify the Hyperphono price either. Seems like a great cable, so far, replacing a Zu Xaus on a VPI scoutmaster with the valhalla cable. The Zu sounds good now, but there were some REAL PAINFUL hours through the break-in of that cable. Hundreds of hours to settle.
Sometimes You see a hyperphono for sale here at an almost justifiable price...and well...... Im a sucker for this stuff, so.... Thanks for your responses. Hopefully someone will answer with some direct experience, then we'll know.
I use to own the Breeze and it's a fine cable for the money. I auditioned the Stealth and it was better in my opinion. At 4x the price it was not 4x times better. Stealth makes some quality cables that are worth every penny. In my quest their phono wasn't one of them. I currently have the Tyr and it is much, much better than that of the Breeze in my system. Depending on your own set up. You may or may not get what your paying or looking for in the Breeze or Stealth.
Although I have no experience with the Silver Breeze, I am currently using the Hyperphono and it is stunning; besting several other highly respected designs. My system electronics are entirely tube based with Purist Anniversary cables and the Hyperphono provides resolution and warmth without brightness.

At the price offered "Used," you can not go wrong.

I have owned both cables: the Silver Breeze (SB) since the time it came out about 10 years ago and the Hyperphono for 4 years now. I did many shootouts between these from time to time as I tried different cartridges from Clearaudio, Koetsu, Sumiko and Audioquest. Before I got the Hyperphono, I owned the Purist Dominus phono cable for a year or so and also played with the Graham IC-70 for a short time until I passed that on. I also had a few days to play with burned-in Kubala-Sosna (KS) Emotion phono cable compared to the SB.

First of all, it is ridiculous to talk about the Hyperphono at $3800. NOBODY pays retail price on these cables. They are regularly being sold here by dealers for under $2k. Secondly, if the SB has only increased to $650 after all these years, it continues to be the runaway steal value for phono cables. But with this said, the Hyperphono is altogether at a completely different performance level.

Compared to the Graham IC-70, the SB had altogether far more clarity and resolution. The Graham was easily displaced here as it just was too hazy in comparison. Not since the ARC phono cable that preceded the SB in my system, had the SB so significantly outperformed another phono cable. The Graham was put on the market without hesitation. And I was surprised as this was with the Graham tonearm on the Clearaudio Reference TT.

The KS Emotion cable was a nice step up from the Silver Breeze in terms of a little more clarity and extension in the trebles. It was not huge, but it was a nice refinement. However, returning to the SB was very good considering the cost of the KS cable at $2k or so at that time.

The Purist Dominus phono cable had the signature Dominus sound of great midrange textures and harmonics, but this gives up some refinements at the frequency extremes. Overall, I preferred the Dominus because of its "magic", but its overall colorations and lack of ultimate clarity in the trebles were clearly evident; the SB was obviously the more "neutral" cable.

And then the Hyperphono arrived. I had already become very impressed with the Stealth Power Cords and the Indra ICs, but I had no experience with the Hyperphono. For me, the Hyperphono was the standout product in the Stealth line. It was absolutely stunning from the instant it was installed. Never before had I heard a phono cable impact the system like this. Tonal coherency was like that of the KS and the SB. But low-level detail and clarity was unlike any of the cables before. A quick return to the SB and so much was lost. And then back to the Hyperphono....WOW! The Purist never had a chance once the Hyperphono arrived. The Purist too was removed and quickly sold.

The SB is hands down a killer performing product, but there is a reason the Hyperphono costs much more. For some systems, the observed differences might only be subtle. But if you have a system that excels with clarity, dynamics, nails decays and not only the fundamental of the notes but also the follow-on harmonic structures of the notes, the Hyperphono cable will take the performance of your system up a significant notch.
03-08-11: Jafox
....if the SB has only increased to $650 after all these years, it continues to be the runaway steal value for phono cables. But with this said, the Hyperphono is altogether at a completely different performance level.

Yes, according to the website, the Silver Breeze still sells for $630/$660 depending on whether you want the straight or angled DIN.
Ironically, due to the change in fortune of the Aussie $ vs the US$, that's a lot less than I paid 9 years ago! Apparently it's also been improved - "the shielding system has recently been redesigned to improve its anti-microphonic properties" and now comes with WBT Nextgen solid silver RCA's.

Good to hear that the Hyperphono justifies it's cost in a top level system.
I have 2 Hyperphono's and love them - one balanced, one unbalanced.

Even in situations where the manufacturer swore there would not be benefit from high end cables, the Stealth did make a nice impact over a standard cable a friend lent me.

I don't need the mini Din to balanced XLR right now - in case someone does.
Jafox.............Thank you. I do believe that was the answer I was hoping for. Explanation included, I sincerly appreciate you sharing your expensive experiment results.
The SB I just received certainly is a big jump in clarity and information from the xaus, which as I said took way to long to settle in. I have a scoutmaster w/valhalla wire and wonder how much potential I am either missing or changing by not matching the performance potential of whats already there. Not to say the SB is not as much or greater than... I just don't know?
I have Stealth ic's and speaker wire amongst both of my systems and as you said, I am very impressed as well. The Silver Breeze just cost me $690+shipping with RCA's both ends. If I find a hyperphono for somewhere near $1k ????