Stealth has a new top of the line speaker cable.

I recently visited Serguei and auditioned his new top of the line speaker cables (I forget the name). They were compared to the former top of the line Stealth Dream in the same system with the same recordings. The newest cables were brand new not broken in. The Dreams were fully broken in. Without going into a lot of flowery (and at this point trite) descriptors, the new cables bettered the Dreams across the board. Especially notable was improved bass response (both tightness and extension). In my experience, many other areas of perceived improvement stem
from an improvement in bass response. If the bass is not right, it affects the rest of the spectrum adversely. The entire spectrum was more coherent and transparent with the new cables. The Dreams sounded smeared comparatively. Now for the bad news. I use the Dreams on my quint wired Avalon Osiris. I have a biwired pair and a triwired pair. It would take me a while to afford to upgrade to the new cables. In my experience, the PC's and IC's have always had a bigger affect on the sound than the SC's. This audition was the exception to the rule. I was hoping I wouldn't hear much difference from the Dreams. That wasn't the case. The system used for the audition included the Vivid Audio Giya (What a speaker!!), CAT JL2 Siganature amp, the preamp was the only component not in the same league as the rest of the system. It was a last minute replacement due to the fact that the CAT Legend is being rewired with Stealth cabling and the backup repamp (can't remember which) blew the PS the same day the audition was conducted. The CD playback was the Esoteric P03 (I'm pretty sure) transport into the DCS Elgar DAC. The other cabling was Stealth Sakra IC's (Huge improvement over the Indra, I bought a pair) and Stealth Dream PC's. Even with a second rate preamp in the circuit and a room that could use acoustic treatment, it may have been the best sound I have ever heard.

Cable is STEALTH DREAM V10 i had DREAM first.This cable had better faster and lower bass wider stage more depth and speed etc wonderful cable. I think break in is around 500hrs.Hope you can get it soon it sounds wonderful with my MAGICO MINI 2 speakers.Be well good luck!
Yes, that's right. It was Dream V10. Thanks for the post Ebm. I'll have to put lots of overtime in to upgrade. Best regards.

Hi See your selling your speakers good luck. If you get single wired speaker you can get DREAM V10 sooner.I have MAGICO MINI what speaker are you going to buy. Thanks ED.
Any one of you mixed up purist audio anniverserie 20 i.connect XLR with Stealth sakra i.connect XLR with the same system.. If so what Was the result..?.. Where did you have the best result ...?.. Wich one of the two I.Connect Was connected from the cdp to-préamp..and from préamp to amp.?.. Any answer at these questions is very welcomed and
Maybe very help full ...thx
Hey mate, there is a v12 pc here on gon.I believe that is a good cord
Thx misternice..!..but i need 15 AMP And 6 feet in lenght if you CAN provide it...then i Will see if there are not better pcords for the same price...!.. Have you tried BMI gold statement référence pcord..?.. If not yet .. Please do have a try...unfortenatly it is difficult to find a second Hand BMI gold statement référence ..😉´s one of the best p.cord in the market now .days.