Stealth Hac 3,000 W power cord

I just received a power cable from Stealth and I believe the OEM sounds better. I am using Anthem equipment and was really disappointed. Anyone else been in this situation with Stealth? Thanks for you time. TC
How long did you let the cord run in? Some cable takes hundreds of hours to do so.
well I'm on week 2 about 6hrs a day so maybe I haven't given it a chance yet. Thanks for the feedback.TC
I bought a Stealth HAC PC about a year ago. It isn't the best cord I have in my system, but it is better than my stock cords. I have not heard the amp you mentioned, but it is entirely possible that stock PC is better than the HAC. Almost everything in this hobby seems to be system dependent to some degree, especially cables. As Dekay advised give it some time to burn-in. You might give the Custom Power Cord Company (CPCC) Model 11 a try. In an audtion involving 9 or 10 PCs that included Stealth, JPS, MIT, HT, and others, I found it to be the best for analog and the Marigo Ultra Series II for digital; the Stealth came in third.
I too have the stealth cord on my anthem1 and it will probably do less with tubes than with s.s. It sounded much better on my sonicfrontiers dac. I believe better tubes(nos) will make a much more sonic difference. Good listening!