Stealth G50/50 and Stealth PGS 3D

hi all,
would like to get some thoughts and opinion on the sound difference between these 2 ics. will be used from cdp to pre. appreciate any feedback. thanks to all in advance.
I have used both the original PGS and the PGS 3-D(also used the Indra for a while)
I found the the PGS to be overly colored to the warm side.
Nice sounding,however,I longed for the information I knew was there.
The PGS-3D bettered the PGS in all areas.
Better detail,bass,etc.
I no longer use the PGS-3D or the Indra's ,however,they were some of the finest cables I owned.
Bettered in my set-up Nordost,Cardas,Transparent,Shunyata to name a few.