Stealth Dream V10 'Power' on Preamp?

Hi, due to mistake of the seller I received a Stealth DreamV10 'power' powercord and not the 'preamp' version. Is it 'allowed' to put this 'power' version on my preamp? If so, what are the sonical differences with the 'preamp' version. Thanks.
Can't hurt a thing to try the PC on any selected audio component. Yes, the sound will very but I don't know the sonic differences between the "power cord for amp" vs. "power cord for preamp". The PC for the amp probably uses a larger gauge wire. I would think it would work well and still sound good regardless of the chosen component.
Thanks, I guess I symply should give it a try...
I am also curious about "high current" cables for amplifiers. Would they also be possibly advantageous at all for very low power amplifiers
Why not send it back to the seller for a refund? Stealth designs the ground path for star grounding, hence the Preamp version has the cleanest path to ground, while the amp cord has a bit more resistance, and the digital cord offers even more resistance, to keep digital garbage from entering the AC line via a ground path. Sure, the cable will work on your preamp, but not as designed. For the money that those cords cost, you should get the proper one for the proper function.
Jmcgrogan2, is correct and I know he knows his information as well as being very familiar with the Stealth line of products :-)
Yes, I can send it back to the seller with full refund since he made a mistake by selling it as 'preamp' version. But since he hasn't got a preamp version at the same price tag, I was wondering...
Personally, I always thought the Preamp cords were the most valuable. I would rather use a preamp cord on an amp, than an amp cord on a preamp.
If you get your whole system wired correctly, with one preamp cord on the preamp, and amp and digital cords in the appropriate spots, the star grounding principles behind Serguei's designs sound pretty impressive in action.