Stealth Dream SC


I just ordered a pair of Dream speakercable, owning the Dream Petite at this moment.

Can't find much 'user information' on this Dream. So here's my classic and predictable question: anyone heard and/or compared this Dream SC already and wants to share his/her experience ?



I've suffered from audiophilia nervosa for more decades than you've probably walked this earth and if you liked the Petites, you will adore the Dreams. Better dynamic swings, more rendering of subtle details and if your front end is good, you'll be amazed of their neutrality. Their basic voicing is similar to the Petites and if your ICs are Indras you can hardly do better.

Looking at you system, I see that you have a Varidig digital cable with your AA pieces. Have you tried a balanced Varidig Sextet?

Detlof, thanks for these 'soothing' words!

Chuck: I had the Sextet in the past (other systel setup), but sold it too soon... you know, symptom of audiopfilia nervosa... Will look for a Sextet to eveluate in my rig.

Received the Dream yesterday. First impressions are -as compared to the Dream Petite-: bigger soundstage, more detail, more 'stage'... Will report later on...
Could you say its night and day? I also use the petite and I am contemplating on whether the dream is really that much better!
It is better argyro; unfortunately....much better.
After a few days I can say it is 'night and dawn'. The Petite isn't bad ofcourse, but the Dream seems like the mature version of it. Let me put it this way: the Dream betters the Petite as the Petite bettered the MLT (which I had in the first place). I know it is a lot of money, but with trading in my Petite I got a very nice deal from my Stealth dealer. I can underscore the statement that a good cable - like the Dream- equals a component upgrade. By the way: the Dream is a much thicker cable...
I have tried KS emotions, Valhalla to name a few. The Dream is most satisfying so far. Significantly more resolving than the KS and more powerful bass than Valhalla.

I have the same speaker as Argyro and also tried biwire with two runs. The midrange was even clearer and bass and lower midrange seems louder. Biwire actually got a little boomy but my room was much less sorted out at the time. The RT60 was around 0.7 at the bass below 60Hz and around 0.5 at midrange and treble. Now the room is 0.5 or lower at the bass and around 0.35 above 60Hz. I would like to try again at some point.
>>10-09-09: Mattheus
I can underscore the statement that a good cable - like the Dream- equals a component upgrade<<

I don't believe any cable can affect a system with the same impact as a properly selected upgraded component.

If it does, the system is flawed.

Audiofeil, it's not a question of 'believing' but of 'hearing'... I think the impact of any cable is dependant of the quality or non-quality of the system. But OK, maybe my system is flawed...
Cables are system and listener dependent, on that we agree.

But if any wire makes the same impact (or greater) than a component, something is wrong. I stand by that.

As you surmised, perhaps your system is flawed.
I agree with both of you, Where you disagree is the definition of "big impact"!;)

An improvement in sound quality can be huge for a crazy audiophile and very small for someone else...
My experience and opinion is that the better the audiosystem, the bigger the impact (good or bad) of any cable.

BTW What's your system like, Audiofeil? Can't find it on Gon.

For the sake of argument, picture a dream system with lamp wire for speaker cable........then switching to a Stealth Dream! An exageration to make a point......everything matters......that's whats so fun about this!
Bullot, you're a wise man ! :-)
Go to a show or in a demo room in very good system (any kind) and remove the cables out of it......then tell us if cables matters or's sp easy!
hahahahah! Nice!
Bill, as more often than not (; is right....or rather, I share his opinion in this matter.
Thanks to this thread, I have purchased a run of the Stealth Dream speaker cables (7.5meters).

You guys still liking yours? Is there truly that long a break in period? I'm going to be changing them out along with the new Maxx3's (from the Maxx2's). Hate to do that at the same time, but it just happened.

Hoping for great things. Now, I'm DONE buying stereo equipment FOR E V E R ! maybe.
"Hoping for great things. Now, I'm DONE buying stereo equipment FOR E V E R ! maybe."


Congratulations on your purchase, they are awesome!
7.5 meters speaker cable???
How Stealth's Serguei made those?

I think with that length you'll never listen optimum regardless of Stealth Dream, Nordost Odin, Jomra Design products that these brands can offer.IMHO.
Actually, there's opinion that longer speaker cables with shorter interconnects to the amps sounds better than shorter speaker cables with longer interconnects.

See Mapleshade's info/catalogue, for one. I believe those guys are great at getting fantastic sound out of moderate costing equipment and cables/wires.

Maybe I'll start a thread on that topic and see what comes of it.
I just ordered the new DreamV10. Once again, a component upgrade ? :-)