I have tried numerous cables over the years and then tried Stealth Audio cables and really liked.

I recently decided to upgrade my existing Sakra XLR IC's to the latest V12 version along with my Dream speaker cables to the a new pair of Dream Royale's.

My package arrived today and once I got to the Royale's my initial impression was wholly crap these are sick! I'm in awe that there are manufactures designing and actually building such - the fit and finish is top notch!

There is a pic on the Stealth site showing the Dream beside the Royale's - the pic speaks for it's self. I posted some pic's, check them out.

They certainly are impressive looking. I just wonder how expensive one's system would have to be to justify that expense for cable as opposed to a component upgrade.
So good looks = good sound? The picture can't speak for anything, only the sound.
How the heck did this get put under the speakers thread????

Very impressive brand new which isn't the norm from my past experiences with other cables - even with Stealth Dreams. Too early to comment but what I'm hearing already is indeed positive.

One needs to look at it like if you were upgrading a pce of gear like a pre-amp
I can't understand the Helium center, Argon is waay better and never mind Neon. With Neon it can give the cables some warmth and color (your choice but upcharges apply).
Any technical would be best to chat with the designer - I'm just after the end results.

Ya agree the price on these is insane but like I mention "One needs to look at it like if you were upgrading a pce of gear like a pre-amp"
I can only hope that my system (and disposable income) continues to rise to the type of audio zenith required in order for me to justify allocating the next audio dollar for these cables.
I can only speak about the Stealth Audio Dream V14 I have. Incredible, and by this I mean the added depth/width and bass impact over my Jena Labs Twin 19's. Cables can make a huge difference in my system (Venture speakers, Concert Fidelity pre, Magnus MA300/500 amp and ModWright Elyse DAC.