Stealth Dream power cord, anybody tried it?

I hear some great comments about it, some say it's even better than Elrod's. Anybody here tried it against some other big names?
Stealth Dream is dynamic and speedy while Elrod is good at dynamic and extensiveness.
I had Elrod in my system for a week and thought that it was too much of a good thing. Very dynamic, big big bass but the system became rather aggressive. System matching will be very important for Elrod. Another friend who tried both Stealth and Elrod, ended up with Elrod in his system.

I am now using Stealth Dream in my system. However, if you audition Stealth Dream in your system, try at least 2-3 cables in the system. I initially tried Stealth Dream digital on its own ( the rest of PC in my system at the time were Synergistic Research Halogram A/D, T3) and it was rather unimpressive. Nothing wrong but nothing that really stood out either. Then my dealer lended me 2 more cables for my Monoblocks. With 3 Stealth cables, they were much more impressive. Stealth may not be the most neutral cable as I feel that it tends to highlight the midrange a bit more. Bass is tight, fast, excellent detail but you will not get thundering bass like Elrod or JPS Aluminata. There is a good balance between detail and full body sound. After trying quite a few different wires, now I am in the process of replacing all my PCs with Stealth Dream.