Stealth cables

What is with all of these Stealth cables for sale here at AG? I ended up buying a pair of the ($2,000.00) PGS cables for obviously the lower going rate here. But I was not impressed with them. I tried them in various locations on my system but the results were always the same.
They actually sounded a little brittle in the highs. I ended up selling them because I just couldn't see using them. Are they really $2000.00 retail cables or is this some marketing scheme ?
I picked up a pair of Stealth Silver speaker cables a while ago and I do like them very much. almost my whole system is tube and i am quite pleased.

I doubt I would have spent the retail price for them, but then again, that is why we are here on audiogon.
Scottht, I tried the entired line of Stealth including the latest one. The only ones I like is the M-21 special which is was custom made under my special request. The other Stealth I tried sounded too laid back and slow. The highs aren't clean and the mids and lows are a bit dark. Not sure what type of equipment you got.
I've been using the Stealth PGS from source to pre previously with my MSB dac to Mcintosh pre and now with my Accuphase cdp to Mc pre and it sounds great. Is your's fully runned in. Mine took a long time to but after that I liked it very much and so have my friends who come over.
Agree with the long break-in. I have both M-7 and PGS in the system and have definitely liked them over other cables. BTW, brittle would be the last word I'd use to describe PGS, so you may want to either see if break in makes a difference, or look elsewhere for a cause. Just an opinion.
I can echo Cjr's sentiment about the PGS. I like 'em a lot, and to my ears there's certainly nothing offensive about them. I never broke-in a pair, since I bought mine used.
I was trying the PGS. I have Rogue Magnum 88 tube amp, a Rogue Magnum 99 pre, a rogue stealth phono stage, MMF 7 TT and Proac Studio 250 speakers. They were definatly broken in. I just felt the PGS cables lost control of the layering of the instruments. Sounded congested. Maybe it is just the way I like my music to sound. I certainly am not bashing the stealth cables. I guess that is why there are a zillion different manufactures of cable. On the other side of the spectrum. I have also tried Kimber PBJ and did not like them either. Maybe I am a little anal:-)
I have tried the Stealth PGS between an EAD TheaterMaster-8 and PowerMaster-1000. The sound was very similar to the Audience AU-24 I/C in my system. It was hard to distinguish the difference in I/C cables on the high end, the Stealth PGS possibly being a little bright, but it also sounded a little fuller down low . I spent significantly less than $2000 on the PGS and am very happy. The M-7 I/C's were smooth but unspectacular, a very nice cable for the money though.
For a long time I used the Stealth PGS-3D in a long run to my amps. Even when I had Siltech G5 elsewhere, the Stealths in this vital link showed the great improvements with the other cables. I nevertheless think the PGS does sound like it metal, namely gold. They are very smooth and lack the slight brightness of silver. I tried many cables to replace these 4 m. PGS but they always proved better. I could never afford Siltech G5 interconnects in this length, but suspect they would have been better.
I'm going to have to chime in here with Garys & Cjr888. I have used Stealth PGS, CWS, and Hybrid MLT in my own system and listened to Varidig and M7 (the interconnect) in friends' systems. While I don't believe there is a universal "best" cable I do think this is one of the better cable lines dollar-for-dollar. I also would not characterize PGS as bright in any way. To provide some context I'm familiar with most of the Transparent, NBS, Kimber, Audience, Straightwire lines, and a few pieces of Cardas, MIT, Tara, Analysis Plus, XLO, LAT, and Nordost. I have NOT heard many of the currently highly talked-up cables including Ridge Street, TG Audio, Bogdan, Jaden, and Empirical.
The bottom line is that cables are, to a large extent, system dependent. While there are a few lines that seem to be voiced either to be warm & euphonic or to give the impression of hyper detail most lines seem to be striving for neutral transparency, some succeed better than others.
I would take both published reviews and internet comments with a grain of salt. You must listen in your own system and make up your own mind.
Keep in mind
For the source cable, you want as clean as possible with full balanced freq response and as big sound stage as possible. For the cable that goes from preamp to amp, it varies in different system.
I'll chime in. I use Stealth PGS from My pre to amp and like it alot. Seems very smooth an uncolored, very natural. Of course cable synergy is important, and I bought mine direct from Stealth at auction for way below the Retail price, $400.00 for a meter , give or take a couple of bucks is a fair price, but anyway, I was just talking with John at the cable company a few months ago, about what my various cables were worth, and when I mentioned Stealth PGS, he said he would not take them . Kind of shocked I asked why. His response was there are alot of counterfeit Stealth Cables out there. Interesting.
I'm not sure there is such thing as counterfit Stealth PGS.
My local hifi shop won't take anything unless is name brand like MIT, transparent, Audioquest, NBS, Audio Note, Synergistic research, XLO... etc. Not many people know about Stealth because it is a small shop. It is hard for the hifi shop to make money with this type of used cable.
I think the counterfeit Stealth Cables comment merely meant that he felt he could not sell them.
I agree with Tbg. More than likely The Cable Co. didn't want to touch them. They do tend to stick with internationally known and advertised brands. I once contacted The Cable Co. and asked them what they thought of Sonoran Plateau cables and he had never heard of Sonoran.Makes me wonder if the Cable Co. guys ever read these threads.
You could be right, but I dont believe so. He did sound sincere. Also when I mentioned Z-Squared he immediately said he never heard of them. Not limiting this conversation to Stealth, I wonder if their are counterfeit cables out there. It seems to me a very enterprising thief could duplicate the look of the higher end brands rather easily.
One of the reason turns the re-seller off is if the manufacture itself also sells the used cable over the internet. The profit is minimum and therefore it is not worth for re-seller to compete against the manufacture.