Stealth Audio Cables - Customer Service - Seeking Your Thoughts

I have a Stealth Audio Black Magic V.20 Ethernet Cable that is 3 meters long.   It is an absolutely fantastic sounding cable.  The cable is too long and I reached out to Stealth Audio to inquire about splitting the 3 meter cable into two 1.5 meter cables which would involve Stealth Audio providing 2 new connectors.   This is Stealth Cables' (exact quote) reply,

" The retail of one Black Magic V.20 3 meter is $2,400 USD.  The retail of one BlackMagic V.20 is $1,950 USD.  For two, the total would be $3,900 USD.  The difference is $1,500 USD.  This would be the price for a splitting and getting two new cables with fresh connectors."  

In my opinion, $1,500 for splitting the cable in half and providing 2 new connectors is ridiculous.  Not more than 15 minutes of labor would be involved.  I priced the exact Telegartner brand connectors and they cost from $20 to $27 each or $74.00 for 10.  

Your thoughts?




I agree that it is within their rights.  I am going to do the splitting myself for $54.  Installing a RJ45 end on a CAT 7 cable isn't rocket science.  The reason I reached out to Stealth was to have Stealth Cable OEM end stickers. More of a vanity or OCD thing.  

this also relates to resale, as many would be hesitant to spend big money on cables self terminated...

Jl35 - you are correct.  To maintain top value, a Stealth Audio sticker on the end of the cable would help resale value.  

Well if you’re going to rob someone you may as well rob rich guy versus the poor guy

I say do the job yourself. It would affect resale, but who cares? Resale on cables is terrible anyway.