Stealth Audio Cables - Customer Service - Seeking Your Thoughts

I have a Stealth Audio Black Magic V.20 Ethernet Cable that is 3 meters long.   It is an absolutely fantastic sounding cable.  The cable is too long and I reached out to Stealth Audio to inquire about splitting the 3 meter cable into two 1.5 meter cables which would involve Stealth Audio providing 2 new connectors.   This is Stealth Cables' (exact quote) reply,

" The retail of one Black Magic V.20 3 meter is $2,400 USD.  The retail of one BlackMagic V.20 is $1,950 USD.  For two, the total would be $3,900 USD.  The difference is $1,500 USD.  This would be the price for a splitting and getting two new cables with fresh connectors."  

In my opinion, $1,500 for splitting the cable in half and providing 2 new connectors is ridiculous.  Not more than 15 minutes of labor would be involved.  I priced the exact Telegartner brand connectors and they cost from $20 to $27 each or $74.00 for 10.  

Your thoughts?




Personally, I find their response arrogant and highhanded, but totally within their rights, but if that's how you feel about it, feel free to find an alternative source to do the work.

I agree that it is within their rights.  I am going to do the splitting myself for $54.  Installing a RJ45 end on a CAT 7 cable isn't rocket science.  The reason I reached out to Stealth was to have Stealth Cable OEM end stickers. More of a vanity or OCD thing.  

this also relates to resale, as many would be hesitant to spend big money on cables self terminated...

Jl35 - you are correct.  To maintain top value, a Stealth Audio sticker on the end of the cable would help resale value.