STAX UA-7CF Tonearm, worth buying or no?

Anyone out there have an opinion on a Stax UA-7CF arm, circa 1977? Also any suggestions on possible turntables and cartridges to accommodate the arm and bring out the best in it would be greatly appreciated. Have in mind to pair it with a Technics SL 110 or a similar standard of direct-drive TT. Good idea or just plain daft? Many thanks,

Still a good arm. I still have one of the metal ones left from when I was a dealer. It would be at least as good as the tables you mention. It will work on about anything. I have forgotten the arm mass for the CF version, I think it was lower than the metal. What price ar you paying?
The Stax UA7-CF has surprisingly high effective mass for a carbon fiber type. It is sixteen grams, which enables it to be used with many of the heavier modern moving coils. As I understand it, the CF model was produced only in response to complaints that some setups revealed a bit of unwanted resonance in the standard aluminum wand UA-7, so both models have essentially the same mass. I own two of the standard UA-7 tonearms, and have not heard the resonance issue, but maybe that is due to my particular setup. I have no doubt that the carbon fiber model is its sonic superior, however. The Stax tonearm of either configuration is extremely well-made with jeweled bearings and first-class construction. It is a keeper, even if you own one of today's better tonearms.