Stax soul jag

It started this week when I picked up the new Stax 50th Anniversary Celebration 2CD box at a local discount store. I swear I can't go in for a bar of soap without perusing the ever diminishing CD selection & going home with something new. Anyway, these discs are really bringing back alot of great memories (wearing out those soul 45's w/a penney taped on the headshell).

What a great genre/era for music, huh? What are some of your soul favs? Going on next is Curtis Mayfield, self-titled then Black Moses.....

Have a safe & enjoyable holiday weekend & cheers!
very cool the late sixties,i did the penny thing too. tried dimes, but my friends were so poor they stole them. i prefered the sound of copper anyway.
Love the stuff. Stevie Wonder may be my absolute favorite but the whole genre stokes my burners. Recently picked up a 45 rpm EP of the Staple Singers' "I'll Take You There" and "Respect Yourself". Whoah!!!..chicken skin music for sure.
If you love Stax, check out the three-volume "Complete Sax/Volt Singles." It covers the beginning up to 1975, and like the title says, contains EVERY single S/V ever released. It's definitely for completists, at 28 discs total, but, man, oh the music! Pure bliss!
Siliab, in 1972 I went to see the Rolling Stones in Fort Worth on one of the stops of the 'Exile on Main Street' tour, unaware that the two opening acts were the Staple Singers and then Stevie Wonder. The Stones were a decided anticlimax, if they'd been smart they'd have played first instead of last.
Funny you should mention it!

Yesterday, while my wife was shopping for whatever it is she shops for, I stopped in at HEAR music and found Billy Stewart's "Best Of" cd. This includes a personal favorite of mine, his R&B take on "Summertime" from Porgy & Bess. I'll try to let you know about the rest of the cd after a full listen.

Almost anything from Stax/Volt has some merit. Most of the music was played by the MG's- Booker T, Duck Dunn, Steve Cropper, Al Jackson, and (for a while), Isaac Hayes. Personally, I'll take this band over the Funk Brothers any time. The Mar-Keys, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave and Booker T, were probably the best known Stax artists but you could also check out Eddie Floyd and Ruby Johnson. The big box set on Rhino is excellent.

After Stax petered out in the early '70's, Hi Records carried the flag for southern fried R&B. Willie Mitchell ran the show and his recordings are among my favorites. Al Green and The Staples were probably the best known artists on the label.

Good listening.

Oops! Brief brain cramp. The Staples weren't on Hi Records- I meant Ann Peebles ("I Can't Stand The Rain", among others).

Fun thread.


What a concert that must have been!!!

Although removed by decades, I witnessed a similar case of the tune-up band eclipsing the marquis act in a Soul context. I went to see Alicia Keys just after her second record dropped and she had John Legend as her tune-up artist. While she performed respectably, John Legend thoroughly smoked her. Better songs, better played and better sung. Surely, he is not in the same class as the artists that have been discussed here, but I do like his musicianship and songcraft.
Otis Redding will always be my favorite but some overlooked singers were Candi Staton, Bettye Swann & OV Wright.
sfar...i saw 2 of those exile good as stevie wonder was, i think the stones were incredible