Stax or Accuphase Older amps, any experinces?

wonder if anyone has any input on the sound quality vs new gear on the older Stax line of amps, DACs, ie Dac x1t, or their old Class A amps, also older Accuphase amps such as the P300, P500 models

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STAX DAC-X1t is one of the best DACs of all time, and one of the most
expensive with the retails being $12K, $13.5K, and a ridiculous $20K
($20K retail was just before they stopped brining it into the U.S.).
Funny how many audiophiles seem to think the latest digital technology will always be the best.
Lot more to how a unit will sound besides how many bits it will handle...

The DAC-X1t is a good 10 years old an is easily one of the top 10 DACs of all time.
I have owned one for years.
If you can find one of these 40lb units change the tubes. They are usually well beyond shot.
Unfortunately it doesn't have an AES/EBU or S/PDIF BNC inputs.
It has three S/PDIF RCA and three toslink inputs.
It also uses three power cords, all of which connect to the bottom of the unit via right angle plugs.

STAX amps: Never owned one, but I have seen them.
They looked very impressive, and were also very expensive.
Hard to find.

STAX also produced electrostatic panels. Never heard them, but they were supposed
to be problematic and difficult, if not impossible to fix, on top of being very difficult to drive
(except with a mega dollar STAX Class A amp...).

Stick to the amps and DACs.
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