stax omega earspeakers problem

I have the omega earspeaker system.Unfortunatly the 007t amplifier keep blowing a fuse.When I read the manual it has no reference to a fuse,nor is it in the circut diagram.I bought the unit on audigon and it worked perfectly until yesterday.When I replaced the fuse it was a 250v 0.8amp,I replaced it was a 250v 1.0amp fast blow fuse burned two of them and gave up.Does any one know the spec.for the proper fuse and where to repair the amp.I would hate to have to buy another amp.I absolutly love the performance of that unit,and now my wife will have to listen to my JMLabs Utopias in the bedroom,which may compromise my marriage,so please help.
First you need to use a new fuse with the same current rating - just safer that way. Since it blew higher current-rated fuses (the 1A) this tells me that the unit has a short circuit somewhere inside. Have it checked out (I don't know where) - it needs service.