Stax ESL loudspeakers servicing

Hi everybody,
Despite this is my first post, I am following this great place since many years.
I am a fan of ESL speakers, especially Stax loudspeakers.
Recently, after many years of search, I've found a pair of the mighty Stax ESL 8x (the big ones) in working condition.
I am very excited about this unique opportunity but on the other side I am fully aware of the cells fragility.
I know that sooner or later I may face problems with these beautiful speakers.
Before to take a commitment, I looked around and around on the web to find somebody able to regenerate Stax cells (not now, for the future) but with no luck.
Any experience/hint related to servicing these speakers from the forumers?
Many many thanks in advance,
I’m a big fan of Stax and own two pairs of their headphones that I will never sell. However, I don’t believe they have made speakers for many (very many, I believe) years. I’m surprised you found a working pair. Since electrostatic panels have an expected lifespan, I suggest you consider something from Martin-Logan or some other speaker builder who is still in the business of selling replacement panels.   Best of luck trying to find replacement cells if any fail in that Stax pair.
That link to ElectroStatic Solutions looks promising for repair of Stax speakers. Considering the rarity, expect to pay dearly. I would contact them in advance for estimates on replacement panels or rebuild before pulling the trigger on a purchase.