Does anyone have chance to listened to STAX DMA-X2? And what do you think about it? Thanks.
I did have them for about 2 years. Very nice mono amplifiers. It is not tube neither solid state, to me one of the best solid state amplifiers.
I have a stax DA-300, which was a precursor and shares some design elements with the DMA-X1/X2... A very nice amp, great sonics, hard to describe but great to listen to.


My uncle has this very RARE pair of DMA x2 monos. What the guy above says is sorry man not even coming CLOSE to this one.

Seen the fact the dma x2 is one of the most powerfull amps there is 1500watts 1ohm load per channel.

101 kilograms a pure raw power. It's a FET build amp, i believe there only TWO of these beast one in europe (my uncle that is) and one in china or something. Recently on ebay it whas for sale (30000dollar or so)

Iff you can buy this one and you have the big cash for it. You will never upgrade to a other amp. Bryston,Krell ectra are only compareable iff you take the biggest topmodels.

everything below that and you will not gonna cut it compared to the DMAx2.
hi, I have these and do enjoy them. They are 25 years old now, is a refurbishment I can do ?
I have a pair of DMA-X1 mono amps with matching set of ELS speakers. They belonged to my brother in law but he recently gave them to me in exchange for some work. They do sound awesome.

If you know where I can find info like specs or a manual for these amps, please message me:

Refurbishment will run about 4K at technetronic in New York City. Yes it's a heap of cash, but they're worth it. There's a lot of relays and small caps inside, and space is tight so it's like 3 days of labor.