So who knows anything about the STAX DAC-X2t? Yes there is no deliberate mistake, there really was a 2t as I have a picture of one
I remember the Stax Dac-X1t Tube dac
It was a 20,000 dollar ultra high end dac in the early to mid 90s.
It weighed like 60 pounds.
There's someone on Audiogon who has this Stax X1t dac.
He can tell you about it.
I remember he posted how he compared the Stax Dac to the zanden Dac, Mark Levinson, Mbl, Altis and Forsell Dacs and liked the Stax the best.
Here's his system. You'll see the Stax tube dac.

I have a Stax X-2T 120v in excellent condition for sale. Pics on request.
There's a guy on Audiogon selling the Stax X-2t.
Here's pics of the Dac.

I have just sold the Stax X-2T DAC, thank you for all the interest it created.