Stax 30/30 question

i am trying to decide whether to order the stax 30/30 headphones system within the next 24 hrs from music direct...will i get the most out of this cans setup with my tastes in music most recently...

a sample of what has been in heavy rotation lately...
wilco...yankee foxtrot hotel and summerteeth
wilco&billy bragg...mermaid avenue
beck...sea changes and mutations
widespread from georgia
phish...junta and billy breathes
gov't mule...dose
dylan...rolling thunder and world gone wrong
dave matthews...luther college
dave matthews...crash
dire straits...dire straits
mark knophler...sailing to philadelphia
alvin hart...big mommas door
jorma country heart
tom waits...blood money, closing time and small change
willie nelson...spirit and milk cow blues
art blakey...moanin supreme
I have pretty similar tastes in music. I love Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Just went and saw Wilco last september at the Bumbershoot music fest in seattle. I also caught their mermaid ave. tour a couple years ago. Anyway, I have the Stax 3030 set and am pretty happy with it. I also have a set of Senn HD 600's and a MG head DT amp, but I always find myself reaching for the stax set. The Staxes don't stay on your head as well if you start fling your head around, but they aremore fun to listen to. Before you order them from music direct, I would ask what current prices are at EIFL in Japan. They send these direct from Japan for about 40% less than what they cost here in the US. They are very reputable and the shipping is pretty fast. I got my 3030 set from them for about $800 US. this was more than a year ago so the prices might have changed. anyway, here is their web site:

Prices aren't posted. You have to email them for current pricing.
Also check out I have had luck with them. Prices are well below U.S. new prices but shipping is expensive.
thanks esun...i've since emailed them for vote in favor of the staxes...i was becoming a little concerned that the stax cans would not be suited for my taste in music...the alternate cans i was considering were the ever-popular sennhesier hd600s...however i've read much that says the grados trump the hd600s...and i did not like the feel of the grados on my head (albeit not their top of the line) but i suspect they all fit and feel more or less the i am a few steps closer to purchasing the staxes...
i would really like to thank esun and jbweaver for the heads up on the stax going to save so much that i have now started to consider the 40/40 system

i am curious how much of an upgrade the 40/40 is over the 30/30 system...i know i go from a ss to a tube drive unit and the cans are not the same...but is it worth $500 more?

please advise...
thanks in advance everyone...
I have the 3030 system and listen to the music you list (plus more). I really like it! It is great for voice and acoustic. I did some research and the 4040 system seemed to have some naysayers, stating that the treble was rolled off and they were not dynamic enough. I would go for the 3030, but that's my opinion.