not quite in the market.  however, how would matin logan compare to sound lab, or even apogee

     Just a clarification:  Martin Logan and Sound Lab are electrostatics, Apogees are planar type speakers similar to Magnepans.  
     Sorry, how they compare I'll leave to those with more experience than I have with the 3 brands.
I think the only person to make that decision is you.
All three are respected companies. All three have different sound qualities. Time for you to do some auditions...
I've heard them all and at one time or another loved or didn't like them all...The Electrostatics and  ribbons both have a very different presentation than a traditional driver speaker.  Plus they can be very room dependant. You really need to experience it yourself. It can be hard to get around, I'd recommend trying to make an easy show like axpona or Rocky Mountain.
Good Luck, Tim
I have heard all of them. IMO Sound lab is the best of them. The Martin Logans always seem bright sounding to me. The Apogees are no longer made, may require expensive service, and some models like Scintilla require very careful amp matching.

If you are thinking of full size speaker models with any of these you really need a big room to get the best from them.
Here's my biased viewpoint. I own a vintage pair of Sound Lab A3s and am enthralled with how good they are every time I listen to them. After owning a dozen dynamic speakers including Quad ESL63s, Thiels, Vandersteens, Merlins, Nolas, Von Schweikerts, Silverlines & more, I can without hesitation say that Sound Labs made the biggest improvement I've heard and compete with many of the current 6 figure $ products out today.
While I agree that amp matching, placement, room size & treatment all must be sympathetic to get great results, I assert that A) It's not that difficult to do and B) It's damn well worth the trouble! 

Vs. Maggies, let me tell you that a professional musician friend with a top orchestra owns 20.7s and Rel subs and when he visited he said that the Sound Labs are better. Granted, my other components might be a bit more refined than his, but he is still using high end gear in a room personally tweaked out by Ted of Synergistic Research.  

IMHE, Martin Logans only models worthy of consideration are the ones without cone drivers. Even so, I've not been impressed with them vs. other panel speakers. One brand that's good and under the radar is Analysis Audio, especially the Omega model.

One comment about people saying how big all these are. IMHO, if you are focusing a room around your system, panels don't in practice take up any more space or constrict the room any more than properly placed dynamic speakers that prefer placement a few feet into the room. Yes, they are taller, but there are sonic benefits to that and with black or other dark fabric they blend into many rooms and are less visually obtrusive vs. traditional box speakers or many modern dynamic enclosures. Nonetheless, I describe mine as "Mama Bear" sized. My wife calls them "The Twin Towers". With oak frames and matching hardwood floors many visitors tell me that they think they look great in the room, far more than did any of my dynamic speakers.


You should look at Roger Sanders speakers from Sanderssoundsystem.
Very seldom do you see them for sale used, and for good reason, there great sounding speakers!

I agree with you on the Rogers. They sound great and rarely come up for resale. The OP does need to listen personally as they have a narrow listening window.
Kicking tires is always fun i like Magico much better more musical with better dynamic range.Enjoy!!