Static when swapping power amplfiers

Shut down amp, then preamp then CD to change over power amps to try something new. Hooked up interconnects first. While hooking up speakers I heard static when first touching the binding posts of the new amp...even before plugging the power cord in. The new amp hasn't been used in weeks. Is this normal?
Don't plug the amp in until it's completely hooked up, then turn on the CD player, Preamp and finally the amp.

You don't have static from your carpeting, do you?

I'll give it a shot next time. I guess I have been getting lazy, often switching amps by just shutting them (and everything else) off instead of also unplugging everything.
Always make any connection changes with everything unplugged.

Try shutting your power amp itself off first, using its own power switch, while music is playing. This will help discharge the capacitors in your amp, that stores power like a battery. Then unplug all to make changes.

I'm thinking part of it is the power stored in the amp. The static electricity Chuck mentioned is a big possibility too. If your charged with static electricity and touch an interconnect going to a component, you could damage something.