Static sound between songs?,

I have a new music hall cd player and suddenly I'm getting a static sound as the player reads the last few seconds of a song. The music is over at this point and the sound ends once the next song begins. This just started happening, the player is about one month old. Any ideas what would cause this? The static is the same volume regardless of how loud the actual volume of the song is played at.
Is the static really still there, but the music masks it?
Listen to some very quiet passages if you're not sure. Is it with all CDs or just some.
When all else fails just start hitting it. Always cures my problems, but then again nothing I have still works :( Violence and technology not good bed fellows.
Punching or kicking?
Pimp smack it.
The sound is not there during quite passages and is happening with all cds. In the past I've smacked things around and have found it to be expensive.
Do you get static with any other sources (LP, FM, Tape)? What else is in your system?

It is possible you have a fault with the CD player. Try and speak to the distributor/manufacturer about this.

Regards, Richard.