Static/scratchiness - driving me crazy!!

My system - Arcam 8SE cdp, Rogue 66 preamp, Bryston 4BST amp, Maggie 1.5's, ic's are Coincident CST and speaker cables are Analysis Plus 12 bi-wires. Recently, as in the last week, I have noticed that when I change my selections on the cdp (more with the remote) I get a static sound or scatchiness at the start of the cut. It does not continue and would appear to be evident at only the start of a song. I have so far done: - swapped out the cdp for an older Adcom unit, static went away so I thought it was the Arcam as I had kept everything the same. - plugged the Arcam into another system (much "lower end") but could not get the static to return. - brought the Arcam back into the system & swapped power cables, no difference as the static remained. - didn't matter if the cd was HDCD or not - powered the cdp from the wall by-passing the HTS-2000 (maybe a bad circuit in the unit???) and the static remains. Would the tube preamp be adversely affected somehow from the Arcam??? I believe I have exhausted all easy avenues (gear is in a wall unit so its a #&@%!@^@# to swap! I thought I had narrowed it down to the Arcam but I can't get it to replicate the static on another system (the wife's NAD L40 cdp/receiver run through the tape input). Arcam is still under warranty but Service center advises they will charge $75 to check it and if they find nothing its my bill to foot. Any thoughts as to what could be the cause???
I had a similar problem with my Forsell transport, only with the first time I would play a disc. Scared the hell out of me, and I used to turn down the volume every time when starting up a disc. Had the thing completely refurbished when I upgraded it last year, including changing the laser, and haven't had the problem since. I fear you may have a problem in your laser assembly.
I didn't think I had to swap out the ic's as the static disappeared when I "inserted" the older Adcom cdp and kept all the remaining system the same. Will try it again and swap out the ic's (just in case)this evening and see what transpires. If all else fails, its off to the service center, wallet in hand...
It is very likely taking a few seconds to lock on the signal,if that`s the case, it may be a design problem.Can you take it to the store and compare to their floor model to see if both do it?If not, warranty should cover it.
Did you try and swap the ic's. I know it sounds like a long shot but it looks like you tried everything else.