Static playing while streaming music in oppo DAC

hello fellow members. I’m looking for a little help here.

currently I have an oppo sonica DAC hooked up to paradigms tribute tower speakers. I’m running into an issue when I’m streaming music (amazon prime) and even Spotify. The issue is that as soon as I connect the Bluetooth connection to any streaming source a static becomes present through the speakers. Once I play a song it does seem to go away but not completely. When I use the DAC with an external hard drive the backdrop has no Static at all so I’m assuming it’s not the DAC.
I’m using very good quality cables through my entire system (shunyata) so I feel it’s not the cables either. Looking to see if it’s just the streaming source or if anyone has any suggestions

Wondering why you don't just assume you have a bad blutooth connection? All wireless protocols are subject to interference.

Try keeping your BT source close, as well as trying different BT sources.
Thanks for your reply. I should have added that I have tried putting my Bluetooth source close to the DAC as well as tried different Bluetooth sources ( different phones, iPad) the oppo sonica uses an app on your mobile device.