Static on highs

I am still learning the ropes, so please bare with me. My current (entry)set-up is a project debut with a tube box and a jolida 202a. While listening to my Brubek I've noticed a static on some highs, especially the piano - they seem like they are slightly going through a distortion pedal. I looked at the record and it seems like new. Is there something I am missing?

thanks in advance!
Could be:

Insufficient VTF
Cartridge Alignment
Excessive Gain Phono Stage
Loose Wire
Yep, Audiofeil hit the most likely causes.

Needle/stylus damage or deposits on same is another possibility.

Could be anything though. Do you have another source (analog or digital) that does not have the same problem? That would eliminate the possibility of an issue with the amp or it's tubes or something with the speakers.
Check your VTF. I was getting distortion recently and discovered that I was running 1.5G higher than should have been. Not sure how that happened, but I adjusted the weight and all is well. Turntable gremlins, you know.
Here's something that might not have been considered: a ground issue somewhere. I know, it sounds unlikely. But I had the same symptoms with a Rel sub connected to an SET amp which ended up having a mismatch in impedance/ground. Investigate it. You have nothing to loose.
When you say "my Brubeck", do you mean that the problem is confined to a single LP? Unless the problem is constant throughout your collection (within similar frequencies and tones) you just have a bad record-and eyeballing it only shows the most obvious, and grossly apparent, damage.

Saying that, hearing distortion on an lp is always a good time for a system-wide tune-up, (including cart alignment and settings), and some thought to the number of plays on your current stylus- especially if you haven't done it for awhile.
Static on highs, sounds like a town in England!
I think I may be running the needle too heavy. The record started skipping so I blindly (don't cringe) adjusted the weight heavier to stop the skipping. This, I hope; is the reason. I'll check when I get home. Seriously - thanks to this forum for all the help.
"The record started skipping so I blindly (don't cringe) adjusted the weight heavier to stop the skipping. "


Fix that first and see what happens.
ok, so I went back and adjusted the counterweight correctly, but I had to take the anti-skate weight off because it pulled the arm off the record. I tested to see if the table was level and it was - but if I have the weight on, the needle doesn't stay put. Do I HAVE to use the anti-skate?
Probably a good idea to set anti-skate properly.

Not sure how to properly adjust AS on a Project table though....

Maybe someone familiar with the Project can help?