Static on CD playback?

I noticed static on CD playback and wiped off the CD as well as blowing air on the playback "lens" Is this typical and what was the problem. What's the proper way to clean the lens if that was the problem. Also how often does it need to be done.

Am I to understand that you solved the problem by cleaning the CD and lens ?
Generally you should not clean a CD lens by blowing on it. You can leave spit on the lens. I owned 5-6 CD players over the last 15 years or so, and never had to clean the lenses on any of them. Had some for 10 yrs+. I would go to radio shack and ask for a lens cleaning solution and a clean swab to do the lens cleaning. I think they sell compressed air too. Try the compressed air first. Don't try to use anything around the house because it is probably not clean and lint free.

For CD's, there are some products out there for cleaning CD's. See I've occasionally cleaned fingerprinted cd's using dish soap, water and a drying cloth. I understand that you need to wipe the CD in a radial fashion rather than circumferential so that if you scar the surface, you will leave a radial scratch that will affect playback less.
Hi Yashu, there are several products that clean CDs. I use Discsolution with very good results. Believe it or not the soundstage gets bigger with better focus not to mention an over all improvement in sonics. I read about this stuff in TAS. I would hate to be without it.
Yashu; If the static is just occuring on one CD, then it may be the CD. For instance, I have a few CDs that have distinct "tape hiss" on them-- it sounds like low level "white noise". If it's not the CD(s), then John_1 and Brulee above have good advise. Good Luck. Craig.
There was a short thread about this a while back that I think is filed under Analog. I had what sounds like a similar problem with my Forsell transport--usually the first disc I would play would have a very loud and frightening static sound, which usually didn't occur for the rest of the disc or on any other discs that listening session. I think it was a problem with the laser mechanism; when I had the unit upgraded in Sweden, they replaced the laser and everything else, and I haven't had the problem since. I hope that you don't have to replace the laser, but if this problem is persistent you might want to ask the manufacturer about it. Otherwise, the posts above are good advice--I use the Discsolution myself, and it does a great job cleaning discs.
I've had success smoothing out harsh CD's using "Endust for Electronics" antistatic spray. Cut a small piece of lint free paper towel (the blue ones) & spray on that. Then swipe the LABEL side of the CD with the Endust. & even if it doesn't help your CD playback, it's great for cleaning equipment faceplates & also as an antistatic treatment for cables (similar to Nordost ECO3 but way weay cheaper). Good luck.