Static O' Rama with my new table

I got a new table and cartridge, Nottingham Dais with Shelter 90x. There is a lot of static when I lift the record off the graphite platter, almost like it is sucking it to the platter. I don't know if this is normal or if I should even be concerned with it. I do have the ground wire that attatches underneath the platter hooked to the phono pre. My previous table the Nottingham Horizon with Dynavector 20X did not do this at all, but it had a foam type mat, so I don't know if that could be the difference. There is almost zero info available for Nottingham to a frustrating degree, so I thought I'd check on here and hope some of you analog gurus can shed a little light for me.

Thanks -Ryan
Ryan, Is your listening room carpeted, and where are you located weather wise are you in a dry climate, damp, or? If your living in a dry climate than get a humidifier? If you have wool carpeting than I would suggest either taking it up and getting a center rug. If taking the rug up is out of the question than get a runner and place it around the turntable area so when you are making contact with the turntable you are off the rug. I would also look to see if your tt is grounded maybe running a piece of copper wire from the frame of the table to your pre-amp. Also you could be the problem yourself? Try wearing a pair of soft cotton gloves when handling your lps and rub your hands against your pants leg, that will release some of the static from your body.
If you're in the Northern Hemisphere this is heating season so the humidity in many houses is quite low, which aggravates static problems. One solution to your issue would be to increase the humidity in your hi fi room with a cold evaporative humidifier (don't use a steam type, the steam can leave a crust of minerals on objects in the room). Another solution would be to get a Milty Zerostat "pistol" from Music Direct, Acoustic Sounds, Needle Doctor, etc. This device emits a stream of ions from a piezoelectric crystal in its nose when you squeeze the trigger. Aim it at your record, squeeze the trigger slowly a couple of times, and the static charge on the record is neutralized. I've used the same Zerostat for 30 years, they don't ever seem to wear out.