static Issues...anybody know why?

When I use my Lyra Delos, no static at all.  When I use my Ortofon Quintet Mono, I have to pry the record off of the platter.  Why?
Well geoffkait with two fs what do you expect when you make an --- out of yourself. I thought we were here to help each other not throw monkey wrenches. If you want to argue at least know what you are taking about. 

Geoffy the fuse troll has resurfaced as geoffy the static troll and in other recent threads, geoffy the directionality troll. He is a champion of twisted thinking. 
The primary cause of the skating force is the friction force between the stylus and the modulated groove. A skating force is generated because of two factors: (1) the headshell offset angle, and (2) lack of tangency to the groove, which pertains everywhere across the surface of an LP except at the two null points that are created if one follows any of the accepted alignment algorithms. At the two null points, the cantilever is tangent to the groove, but because of headshell offset, a skating force is generated. Thus, there is always a skating force all across the surface of the LP, although it is constantly varying in magnitude. These conditions apply to all pivoted tonearms that are mounted such that the stylus overhangs the pivot and which also have headshell offset. By the way, centripetal or centrifugal force has NOTHING to do with the skating force.

The primary cause of static charge build up on an LP is NOT the friction between the stylus and the groove.

Those are my only points. Mijo, if you have data to dispute the second statement, let’s see it.