Static in the balance knob, what can I do?

I just bought a beautiful old Tandberg receiver on eBay for a great price. Like a lot of older Hi-Fi equipment this needs a little TLC. I was wondering how to clean the static from the pods? The balance knob needs some attention. I thought of buying a can of compressed air but wouldn't know how to apply it. Any input would be very helpful.
You need a can of (electrical) contact cleaner.
It is expressly made for cleaning those sort of controls.
Check out Radio Shack.
Sometimes many quick rotations back and forth can clean the contacts within the control or switch.
>Caig Deoxit works well if you can get enough access to the pot to squirt the stuff inside and rotate the knob to distribute the spray. The only problem is that if you're using it in the spray form, it's difficult to regulate how much comes out so put paper towels or something else absorbent around the pot and covering anything you don't want sprayed.
I would suggest a product called DeOxit contact cleaner to clean the contacts. Simple to use. After spraying the contacts in the switch, work the switch 30-50 times, let it dry and it should be good to go. Deoxit is supposed to be better than the Radio Shack brand. It is a good idea to work all the controls and switches every month or so. While I had the top off, I would just go ahead and clean all of them with Deoxit. That should solve the problem for quite a while.
Hi Dreadhead, You've responded to my thread, so maybe I can now help you with yours, and your issues.

Yes, as another responded has stated, Radio Shack (or a good electronics supply store) and pick yourself up a can of CAIG Pro Gold, or CAIG De Ox It. I understand Radio Shack now handles this. If not, make sure you buy a product that states it cleans, and "lubes" Potentiometers. (What your Balance control is) Read the Labels. A product I have used is called De Ox Id, made by CG Industries, and works very well.

You'll have to remove top cover from the unit, and perhaps maybe even the bottom plate-cover of the Reciever too, to gain proper access to the "Pots".

Place all screws in a place where you won't lose them, it's easy to always misplace one somehow.

What you'll find on the rear of the Pot Housing, will be a very tiny hole-slot in the cover. This is where you must place a small amount of the spray (Use the little nozzletube) tube that comes with the can)

Then immediately after spraying, rotate the pot (knob) through numerous cycles back, and forth to work the fluid in well. This should cure your problems.

By spraying anywhere else on the Pot, or Pot Shaft will do little to cure it.

Naturally, do this service with the unit unplugged, and while the cover(s) are off, this is now a good time to carefully blow the unit out with a can of compressed air, and also do all other Pots, rotary switches whether they need it, or not.

Let us know how it all turns out! Tandberg used to make lots of nice stuff back in the '70's. Mark
Hi If you want to go cheap on this, I used WD-40 at the advice of a Tech who knows how cheap I can be. Get inside and spray the inside part of the knobs. Let it sit for about 24 hours, and then turn the knobs back and forth a few times. It worked great on my Optonica integrated and Luxman receiver. I've had no adverse effects from this method. That I can tell anyways. Good Luck Dan
Do NOT use WD-40 inside the pots on any electronic equipment.
It may 'work' in a half-a$$ sort of way.. but the few bucks for a can of the proper stuff is well worth it.
The WD-40 idea is about as good as using old fried chicken grease for automobile oil....
(What a smell ahhhgh)
I concur on not using WD-40. Not only will it do the job but it will attract dust,dirt and anything else airborne. A friend of mine who repairs screen doors and sliding glass windows made a living and put two kids thru college with people spraying the rollers of screen doors and sliding glass windows with WD-40. It is crap. Use an electronic contact cleaner like the ones mentioned above.
Actually WD-40 isn't crap, it's wonderful stuff when used for it's purpose. It's great for winterizing in-board boat motors.

The Radioshack contact cleaner is just as cheap as WD-40 and works well. Craig Deoxit works better in my experience. Completely eliminated static from all of the pots on my Fisher X-202 with one application.
oops oh well someone asked. Dan