Static/Hum from pre-amp

Since there are others asking, I thought I might as well ask too. Last night I was listening to LP's and between songs I heard some static coming out of the right speaker. I tried changing sources and volume and it didn't change. The level of noise also seem to stay at the same level no matter where the volume is on the pre. Even with the volume turned all the way down, it was still there. Then I turned off the pre and left the amp on and it was gone. The pre is a BAT VK31se, which I have had for about a month and it is my first venture into tubes. I love the sound but I don't really know what system noises are normal. The IC's I am using are microphone balanced connectors that I purchased just to check out the balanced inputs(these will be replaced). Could these be causing the noise or is there something i should be worried about in the pre? I am not super concerned, as it doesn't seem to affect the sound of the music. It just bothers me when I hear it between tracks and
Sounds like a noisy tube in the right channel. If it becomes bothersome to you sonically, replace it.
Try to connect the chassis of pre-amp and power amp with an addtional wire (not just the interconnects). It worked for me.
Felixy, was your static/hum/buzz/noise only in one channel also?