Static discharge when touching amp


I live in southern california and it can get incredibly dry and windy down here during the winter months. It has happened about 2 or 3 times this winter that i get off the couch real quick or drag my feet on the carpet, when i do this and touch my Portal Panache real quick i get a wee little static shock. It does not translate to any sound through the speakers, and nothing funky happens to the amp.

I am now very careful to no drag my feet on dry days or to rub around on the couch...

Do you think this is causing damage to my amp? I have heard others who have had this problem, but they say it shuts off their equipment or can be heard through the speakers. My charge is definatly not this big.
buy a humidfier. it'll make your skin look better and prolong the life of any rubberized parts.
Change to Wooden knobs!
...but the wooden knobs will crack from the lack of humidity! Gregadd is right, buy a humidifier. Your health, furniture and equipment will all benefit.
I have same problem. I have narrowed it down to the material on my couch mostley. Sometimes the rug creates static but not like the couch...ouch!
When I am barefoot no problem. House slippers...ZAPP!!
So now I have small piece of leather that I use when I have to touch any components. Or I take off the slippers first.
Just do what I do, I touch the metal support of my rack before touching anything on it. This dissipates any static safely and instantly.