static charge

For some reason when I first turn on my amp and play a cd a hear a small static charge coming from my left speaker. More over, it takes a few seconds for the left speaker to play at full sound (in other words one is playing less loudly than the other). I checked all connections and all are solid.

Is this an issue with the speaker, cables, or grounding?? Please help.
1 - Does it happen with a different source or does it only happen with a cd? If yes go to #3 If no go to #2
2 - I would first start by reversing the right and left speaker cables. Did the problem move? If yes it is not the speakers. If no I would look for a loose connection either in the crossover or the individual drivers.
3 - If yes I would reverse the output cables from the cd player. Did the problem move back? If yes the problem is in the cd player or interconnects. If no I would be looking at the output connections in the amp. It may be a cold solder joint. Might want a pro or manufacturer to troubleshoot from there.
Just wanted to follow up...I have since changed speakers and the static still exists, even when my source is seems to me it must be related to the amp somehow. I dont know what it could be though. Maybe a grounding issue? the static if coming from both speakers...its very low but sometimes gets doesnt last long...only a few seconds, then stops. I am mystified. Its almost like interference from something. any Ideas?
I had a similar issue with a new Acurus A250 some time ago...little static-ish sound from one side...sent it back twice for free warranty repair and then sold it.
quick check. swap speaker cables and see if issue follows. sounds like it should but.....

they switch outlets if possible. see if you can confine to your amp by component swaps.

if amp........? repair I guess.
Sounds as a problem i also experienced.
Static noise, which came and went (left channel).
Not bound by choice of level (amp) or in any case provoked by choice of discs (cds).
My amp was changed for another unit as i heard this even when source was out of system.
That is, only amp connected and speakers cables.
When amp came back - same problem, but only with cdp connected.
So, all cables were sent back for check up.
No problem, nothing faulty.
What was told was, the first amp had leaked DC and damaged analog output of cdp. This seems weird!
So, i bought new analog parts for cdp (both channels).
I'll have to wait and see when cdp returns how this is solved.
Time-consuming and expensive!
Sounds like a Turkey to me.
Turkey or not, all issues resolved.