Static caused problem in Music Hall CD25/Jolida

I just received my Music Hall Level 1 plus mod CD25 and Jolida 202A fully modified units.I have hooked them up and biased them correctly.They are running to 101DB Bag End Monitors and i was enjoying the burn in process when i decided to get up and adjust the volume.I touched the CD player to discharge electric static that has been building up in my home due to the dry heat and air(not smart).As soon as i touched the unit a small static shock came from my finger and into the unit and the right channel started emmiting a horrible distorted sound.I stopped playback and restarted and it was still there.Repeated this again and it was still there.So i powered off the Music Hall Cd player and repowered, and luckily it was gone, but the character of the music seems to have changed.Some of the lushness and thickness seems to be gone.Now i have just started listening to these units but something seems to be now gone that i was enjoing.Does anyone have any insight as to if there was a problem internally that could of taken place, and still have the unit be functioning, but not up to snuff??By the way the mod was performed at "Parts Connection".
Thanks Craig
I have experienced static issues with the Music Hall but nothing that lasted. Many times the same would happen to me, static buildup during the dry winter season, touching the cd player and zap! I also had to turn off/on to get rid of it. I don't think this is unique to the Music Hall though.

Knowing this would happen each time, I usually either run a humidifier or touch something grounded other than my system.

Anyway, nothing ever had a lasting effect. I suppose the static discharge could cause issue with your system. Static electricity does carry quite a charge and could fry something inside I suppose. However, since you are just breaking in the unit, I would give it some more time to burn in and see if if changes back.

Well after powering both my amp off (jolida 202A mod), and the music hall overnight,everything seems to be back to normal.RELIEF !!