Static buildup issue?

Hi All, 
For a few years now I've had an issue where after about 20-30 mins of playing vinyl my system throws out a loud POP and, if playing at any reasonable volume this can blow a fuse on my power amp (BAT-VK250SE). The TT is an old Linn LP12 (30+years) with full upgrades, Lingo etc. Mounted with a Graham Phantom arm and a Clearaudio Concerto cartridge. Phono stage is a BAT-P5 (tube), pre amp is a Krell Showcase pre-pro. Martin Logan Aerius I speakers. Running balanced throughout. 

Anyone have any experience with this kind of problem? Any suggestions? I've had a couple of knowledgeable people try different groundings. Tried a different preamp, same issue, tried a different phono stage, same... 

My intention was always to upgrade the pre and speakers but I lost interest when this issue kicked in. Btw, no issues until I upgraded the arm/cartridge. Previously just had the Basik arm and a Rega cartridge. Also no issues when I had a P10 in my system while I was waiting for the P5.

Recently, I was given a Shinola TT as a gift! Mounted the Clearaudio cartridge and it plays like a dream. No issues. No comparison to the Linn but I hadn't been able to listen to vinyl for the past couple of years so this is getting me back into something I truly enjoy.

Any suggestions? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 
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I would try grounding the turntable motor.I once had a similar issue this worked for me i had a SOTA turntable.Good luck.
Felt platter pad? Did you try a different non static felt pad?
Also is the platter spindle bearing grounded?
Are you sure the arm tube is grounded? (If conductive)

Just doing a quick goggle search this came up.I have no idea how it will affect the sound.  

It may solve your static build-up problem though.
Thank you both very much for your input. 
Going around in you bare feet solves the static flash as you touch your gear problem .
I have a terrible static problem, carpet makes it worse in the winter .   I use a small brass plate grounded to earth that I touch before touching a component and no crackle through my speakers ... it was mostly when I touched my preamps volume
+1Schubert, bare feet is the only solve for me in the dry winter.
I posted tonight. Problem solved. It was a cellphone back up radio connected to home alarm system. Located too close to the audio system. 
Interesting and disconcerting at the same time. So much RF type pollution.