Static attack! Time to get the humidifiers going

With the temperature dropping and the heat kicking on that old nemesis is rearing it's ugly head again.  Easily noticeable on most records lately.  Especially today when I went to do some listening.  I have a Hudson hi-fi Anti static dust brush contraption set up and I think it does help.  I especially like how it dusts the record as it spins.  But when I went to throw on a record (Mahavishnu Birds of Fire) the dust brush swung over towards the record like a shot!  Hit it with the Zerostat (had forgotten to use it first) and tried placing the record on the platter again.  The dust brush stayed put!  Good to see the Zstat doing it's job.  

But, I am considering purchasing a Furutech destat in the near future.  Anyone actually use one with good results?  It is a bit pricey but I'm thinking it may be a worthwhile investment.  




Thanks for the tip on the Hudson. I’ll verify the carbon fiber is touching. It does a good job of picking up any dust that may have lighted since I put the record down. I think the Hudson is de-staticing the surface. My problem, like you, is the underside. My turntable has a Linn mat, is wool?… well, highly static inducing, whatever it is made of. It will stick to the album sometimes. I have researched other mats and decided to stay with the Linn mat anyway. 

OK, in comparison to you, I have no static problem. Wow, that is a lot of static! You are definitely the expert.

@ghdprentice , come on ghd! I'm much better looking the @mikelavigne :-)

Yes, when the spark jumps to the cartridge it makes quite a "pop" if you have the volume up. When I had a Linn I used carpet tape to keep the mat in place. It is very thin and you won't notice it under the mat. 


come on ghd! I'm much better looking the @mikelavigne 

@mijostyn truth be told, that's not saying much.🙄

@mikelavigne Thanks for the product recommendations.  I will look into them.  As far as the Zstat doing 💩 goes, I was never sure it was doing anything either.  But, this little arm swing attraction thing of the dust brush kinda proves it for me.  Without the Zstat the arm immediately swings towards the record as I go to set it on the platter.  After the Zstat the arm doesn't budge - very interesting indeed!  

Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I can hear static increase towards the end of the album side.  Anyway, for the cost of the Hudson dust brush I don't think you can go wrong.  Give it a try