Static and popping sound from my new apollo

I just hooked up my new apollo cd player and during playback on certain tracks I'm getting a small but noticable amount of crackling sound. Kinda like I was spinning a record. There's dead silence between tracks it's only at either the very begining of the song or at the end as the song is fading out. I even heard it on a live recording on a Patricia Barber XRCD In between her volcals. It's only commimg from the left speaker and I switched speakers to eliminate that being the problem. I did try and noticed the crackling in a brand new cd never played before. One other note it's always in the same spot on the song when I hear it and play it back to hear it again. It's actaully kinda embarassing to have a killer set-up and a friend tells me his close and play doesn't do that. Loop set-up:Bryston amp/ B&K ref 30/ Rega DAC/ Rega Apollo and Magnepan 3.6's
Sounds like the same problem the Oppo players have had. Have you called Rega about the problem? They may have a solution for you
I've only had it for a day. Gonna give it a little break in period. Also going out tonight to drop a cd of mine in a buddies player and see what i hear.
Mine doesn't do that, never did.
I'd head to the dealer tomorrow and ask for another box