Static and popping noise

I recently moved my computer and stereo and now get static and a popping noise when my computer is running. I would be grateful for any suggestions on solving this problem. Thanks.
Try plugging your computer into an extension cord and run it to a different outlet than the one your system is on.
Thanks. The computer and stereo are using different outlets.
Even though they are plugged into different outlets they could be on they could be on the same circuit breaker. That said even if they on separate circuit breakers they could be on the same phase. Have you tried a power strip that filters on the computer? It may help.
My first post was a mistake. Xti16 has it right. Sorry for the confusion.
Thanks. I tried a better power strip (a Belkin Surgemaster) that I had handy. It eliminated the static but there still is popping. I'd be grateful for any recommendations as to what power strip to get.
Try moving your PC so that its further away from the other components.