Hey Guys,

What can i do to stop the following?

When ever i get up from the couch to flip the record or to remove a cd, i send a an insane shock through my system and i sweat every time it happens.

Is there something i can do to stop this?


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Get a humifier for the room your having issues...Just turn it off when listening to music..Winter dryness makes things worse..Once the weather warms up and you can open a window the problem will stop..Also don't drag your feet on the way to the Volume control........
You couch is made of a very static-y fabric. Cover the place you sit with a cotton fabric, or leather. It will not generate static.
In the meantime, touch something ELSE FIRST after you get up and discharge the shock through a lamp or whatever...
The simplest solution...don't wear rubber soled footwear when listening. I only have socks on my feet when in the listening room! Never a shock.
I agree with all three replies so far. Run a humidifier, do NOT listen while wearing rubber soles, and I usually touch my metal rack before touching the tonearm or CDP.

One more thing I do is hit the mute button as I get up to change a recording.

This winter I've had similar issues with static build-up on the record spindle and platter that occasionally discharges through the cartridge. You might trying running a separate ground wire that you can touch to yourself and to the record spindle and tonearm before changing a record.
Use a dryer sheet. See this thread:

-- Al
One thing I do is wear cloth gloves..They come in handy keeping fingerprints off Vinyl and will also allow you to touch your controls without the snap of static.....