State of the art remote pre amp? Reality?

Is there a remote controlled pre out there that will compete with all of the non remote pre's like the Red Rose or the First Sound? Has anyone compared in the same system one of the CJ art pre's to these? I know there has to be something out there with remote that is as good but, I have yet to hear it. I know this will garner a lot of responses as there are a lot of high dollar remote pre's out there but please-we are talking state of the art here! The hi fi mags and there recommended components dont know or dont care about ultimate sound anymore-this is obvious-so lets not mention all of the hype. Thanks Scott
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Well, the top of the line Ayre certainly has one of the most extreme remote volume implimentations in the industry. How it compares to those you mentioned, only you could determine that in your system. Is the couch really that comfortable? ;^)
Aesthetix Callisto Signature is now available with remote. This is accomplished by stepper motors physically moving the twin balanced discrete four deck volume controls.

This is definitely a state of the art preamp, remote and all.
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In proper setup I'd stand for AudioSynthesis and Placette both passive remote controlled units.
I would include the Z-Systems rdp-1. This is a digital pre-amp and equalizer. Works perfectly, but requires an anologue-digital converter for analogue hook ups. (They sell these too.)

I have heard the cj 16LS in my system. I bought a First Sound Presence Deluxe 4.0 (double power supplies) a couple of months later. The cj has all the remote control functions one could want. The FS is manually operated. I still own and love the FS PD 4.0. That should say it all. save about $2,000 if you go with the First Sound.
May I suggest the Audio Note M8 or M10 simply stated these are two of the best preamps in the world period !

Definitive, does that mean the Audio Notes are best for my system? Have you heard every preamp in the world?

I'm saving for the Joule Electra LAP 150.